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It's good animation, but it's far too short. I don't even know what that background is and it's for some reason waaaay off from the character in the movie. 1.5 for effort.

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TCastle responds:

Thank you and I'm sorry for the confusing layout. This was just a show of animation i should have modified it a bit for the viewers here. Thanks for the input ill explain things in the description next time.

Short, but cute and a little funny.

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TCastle responds:

Thank you and what is classified as a normal length animation now a days?

I honestly don't think making this a Minecraft version makes it any funnier than the original. It's not very creative either, and I've seen plenty of animation remakes of vines. I do hope you make some more original content in the future.

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I've honestly seen this same idea again and again, it's just only slightly different. Oh, this game has a depressed artist, it's a button masher and simulator indie game. Besides the fact the gameplay and graphics on the actual screen suck, it's good, I guess.

Because this is very flawed for me, I'm giving it 1 out of 5 stars and I would even go to say that this is worse than Undertale, and that's a shitty game by itself. I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.

Amazing garbage. It belongs in the diamond trash can.

I was expecting something really really spooky, but it was just me walking and falling into pits and dying. The file select thing wasn't really immersive, either, because there isn't a file select interface to begin with. Great job on the sprites, though.

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And now, we wait for this to be used in an animation...

Best loop.

I'm only 30 seconds in, I already know this is a good song.

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i'm scared, 10/10

Not a big fan of the description, but I am a big fan of what's above it.

If you're dying inside, you should really put that into a picture.
That's what I do, you've seen my shit.

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Quirky person who animates Madness shorts and makes Madness comics/art, and makes maps for GoldSrc/Source games.

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